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Fresh Cuts

Bread N’ Better


Besides our trading arm, we have also invested in our own production facility to supply pre-packed vegetables, fruits and customised fresh cuts. 

In our effort to help restaurants reduce man hours dedicated to food preparation. We deliver fully prepared, Ready-to-Cook & Ready-to-Eat products, according to your specifications. We also offer a line of soups that are ready to heat and serve to your customers. We’ll take care of the prep work, so you can focus your energy on other aspects of the business. 

Demand for fresh, nutritious and ready-to-cook meals is on the rise. At the same time, hotels and restaurants are looking for ways to reduce cost. That’s why we’re working alongside our Chefs and partners to grown our offering of quality, pre-prepared ingredients and reduce the prep time required to produce fantastic meals. 

The end goal is to help restaurants and hotels meet evolving customer demand, and we use the latest technology and automation process to get the job done. Our research team works to produce safer, healthier food products, including products with plant protein and high-tech cooking methods for catering, restaurants and large-scale kitchens. Using techniques like high-pressure processing, 3D food printing and Sous Vide cooking method, we’re working to maximise the nutritional value, quality and shelf life or our entire offering. 

We’re also working with Retort pouch technology, a heat sterilisation process that keeps food shelf-stable without the use of preservatives. Our meals are cook from scratch and vacuum-sealed before sterilisation. Using the right levels of heat, the process locks flavours and nutrients in, and ensure bacteria is destroyed. 

Our processing premise is ISO 22000 certified. 

Bread N’ Better 

At Bread N Better, we produce quality bread, pastries and confectionary with premium ingredients. Our key ingredients include dedication, creativity and over 30 tasty years of experiences! 

We offer customised bake goods, so if you are looking for something special, get in contact with our team and let us know you requirements. 

Email: bnb@freshdirect.com.sg 

Tel: 6265 6350 

Fax: 6265 6354